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Episode 110 - South Seas Feast
South Seas Accessories
The right accessories transform an event such as our South Seas Feast into an affair to remember. The best way to start is by sifting through drawers and cupboards for items that will work. This will also help to cut your shopping needs. What follows are some items that will help to enhance the mood.

How about using bamboo place mats on which the edges have been curled and hot-glued? On this type of table they resemble rafts.

Dinner plates are simple, cobalt blue glass. Cutlery is an inexpensive; their blue Lucite handles are definitely keeping within your theme. Glassware is also blue, maybe of the hand blown Mexican variety. Scallop shells which you can pick up in almost any kitchen gadget shop work well as side plates. They can also be used for invitations. Just use various coloured markers to include the details and hand deliver them to your guests.

Wooden fish or anything else in a nautical theme create a simple centrepiece. Finally, how about glass marbles strewn about the table to replicate the crests of waves? Don't forget votive candles. You may wish to place them in blue or white containers. Blue dyed orchids, a few here and there are all you need to help complete your fabulous, east of Eden table.