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Episode 110 - South Seas Feast
For Rent
It's all out the somewhere...
Savoir Faire's raison d'etre is to help people understand that entertaining is supposed to be fun, that you really can host any size party or event with elegance and ease. However, what do you do when you just don't have the right items?

The answer is to rent anything and everything. That's right. Most cities and towns have rental companies that will supply it all. You'd be surprised at what they keep in stock.

Aside from tables and chairs, these companies will rent china, cutlery and glassware. Some even rent unusual items such as samovars, trays, pitchers and chafing dishes. Often just a trip to a local rental company alone will inspire me to plan an entire party.

Credit: Exclusive Affair Rentals, Toronto, ON (416) 759-2611