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Episode 113 - with Thanks
Colourful Wreath
Colourful Wreath
There are lots of creative ways to express thanks beyond those simple but very important words. Nik takes on some great wreath projects that give added meaning to the sentiment and a lush treasure for the recipient of your appreciation.

Tools and Materials
  • wreath form
  • clippers
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • eucalyptus
  • additional greenery of your choice
  • magnolia or oleander
  • pink wax flowers
  • pink peppercorns

  • The round wreath form may be twisted into different shapes such as an oval or a square.
  • Layer eucalyptus around the form and weave the last stem into the first as you reach your starting point.
  • Apply another layer of greenery in the opposite direction, tucking stems into the eucalyptus base.
  • Add small branches of pink wax flowers.
  • Remove branches of pink peppercorns from their larger stems and blend them onto existing layers.
  • Twist prongs around arrangement being careful to expose greenery as desired.
  • Tie with ribbon and a large, loose bow.
  • Present by hanging on your friend's door as a surprising expression of thanks!