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Episode 113 - with Thanks
Brilliant Flower Pots
What beautiful flowers!
Here's a savvy idea for a different type of arrangement. How about adding fruits to your flowers! We created monochromatic colour schemes with our flowers and fruit, but you can use any and all colours of the rainbow. Beautiful and, need we say, tasty!

  • 1 eight inch terra cotta pot
  • 1 bunch cilal (readily available from any florist)
  • floral oasis (also from the florist)
  • floral sticks (also available from the florist. An option is to use bamboo brochettes,
  • found at your local supermarket)
  • a bunch each of two different flowers (preferably something with a sturdy stem)
  • some fruit (a couple of different varieties would be nice)
  • some latex paint in the colour of your choice, about four ounces
  • a rubber sponge applicator

  • Paint pot in colour of your choice. You may have to apply a couple of coats to get a nice, rich colour, but it takes minutes for the latex paint to dry.
  • Once you've given the pot an hour or so to completely dry, pack pieces of dampened floral oasis into pot nice and tight.
  • Start your arrangement by adding greenery. Not too much, you want to leave room for the flowers and fruit.
  • Next, add the flowers as you feel. You may wish to distribute both types of flowers evenly, but a florist's trick of placing the flowers in clusters also works very well. Experiment!
  • Place the florist stick or bamboo brochette into one end of the fruits you are using.
  • Place the stick into the arrangement, again striving to give it some variety.
  • You're done! Don't forget to water the oasis every couple of days to keep the flowers and the greenery fresh while you're enjoying a healthy snack!