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Episode 102 - A Fine Romance
A Romantic Table Setting
A table for two
Craving some quality time with your partner? Here are some Savoir Faire suggestions on how to set your table for a romantic tete-a-tete.

First, seat yourselves Parisian-style, side by side, rather than across from each other.

Simple, classic table elements usually work best. A crisp linen table cloth, your best china, stemware and flatware. This is also the perfect opportunity to use more rare items such as bouillon spoons or fish knives, depending on what you are serving.

Here is a way to make place settings even more special. After pulling your napkins through treasured napkin rings, attach place cards with ribbon that say "you" and "me". This adds a whimsical touch.

A centrepiece could be as simple as a dozen flowers of your choosing placed in an antique pitcher or vase. If you are using roses, scatter the petals of one rose across the table.

One final touch: a bowl of juicy strawberries make a nice palate cleanser between courses. Bon appetit!