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Episode 103 - Lasting Impressions
Host Gift
For the Baker
For an artist
A bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers is a perfectly acceptable offering to your host but sometimes a little something more original may be in order. As a departure from the traditional, how about a personal gift that wraps up your host's own special interests.

For the Baker

  • 1 cookie sheet
  • loaf tin
  • tea towel
  • various baking ingredients: pure vanilla extract, yeast
  • cookie cutters
  • 1 rolling pin
  • dry ingredients for your favourite recipes (Nik used his lemon poppy seed loaf and a nutmeg cornmeal loaf) and the recipe cards for your recipe.
  • oven mitts.
  • favourite recipe cards (Nik included his cheesecake and Ga Ga Gazpacho)
  • a painted canning jar packed with cinnamon sticks.
  • an apple peeler and corer

Using the cookie sheet as the base, assemble the various components of this gift and wrap with cellophane. Tie it up with a generous amount of gorgeous ribbon.

For an Artist

  • Assorted tubes of paint
  • Assorted brushes
  • Several plain postcards

Wrap all components with cello and tie it up with ribbon.

For a Gardener

  • large terra cotta pot
  • garden gloves
  • fresh herbs
  • small seed packs
  • garden tools
  • plant markers

Stand garden tools in terra cotta pot, add plant markers, seed packets, garden gloves and finally fresh herbs. Wrap up with cello and tie with ribbon.