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Episode 105 - Sunday Stuff
Eclectic Collectibles: Manhattan Glass
Manhattan Glass
It's always nice to know a little about what you're seeing at tag sales or on visits to auction houses. Many vintage glass pieces are increasing in popularity, and with that comes an increase in prices asked. My friend Joan Sternthal scours Canada and the United States for collectibles. She seems to have a knack for finding the next "in" piece.

Take this Art Deco Manhattan Glass vase. This form of Depression-era glassware was produced by the U.S. based Anchor Hocking company between 1938 and 1941. Easily recognized by the pattern of concentric circles, Manhattan Glass was available in pink and clear glass, known as "crystal." It was made into not only vases, but all sorts of dishware and service pieces. Manhattan Glass has become very desirable among collectors, which has resulted in increasing prices.

Credit: Joan Sternthal Antiques, Toronto, Ontario (416) 410-6501