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Episode 105 - Sunday Stuff
Eclectic Collectibles: Jade-ite or Jade
Joan shows off some Jade-ite
Tag sales and flea markets are often the best places to find unique items, whether it's a piece to complete a set you already have or something special that stands on its own. My friend Joan Sternthal collects for a living and always has a keen eye for the hottest finds.

One such collectable is Jade-ite, or Jadite glass. It was produced by several U.S. companies from the late 1930's to the 1950's, including the Fire King Glass Company and the Jeannette Glass Company. Most people collect it as dinnerware, so a vase like the one pictured here is a very unusual find. There are several patterns of Jade-ite, the most popular being restaurant-ware which is recognized by the thickness of the glass. Jade-ite is very sought after and prices are starting to climb.

Credit: Joan Sternthal Antiques, Toronto, Ontario (416) 410-6501