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Episode 105 - Sunday Stuff
Eclectic Collectibles: Tea Room Vases
Tea Room Vases>
One can never have enough vases, especially when you stop to consider the sheer variety of flowers available. Simple vases usually work best for arrangements as it's the bouquet that is being highlighted. But every now and again I get the urge to be creative. And a vase that's a little more ornate is definitely in order.

The Tea Room vase is a classic example of Art Deco glassware. Crafted in the depression era, Tea Room vases were made in only a few colours and sizes. They are becoming increasingly rare as there wasn't an abundance of pieces made in this design. Clear glass was the most common, but every once in a while you will come across a stunning Tea Room vase in green or pink.

Credit: Joan Sternthal Antiques, Toronto, Ontario (416) 410-6501