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Episode 107 - Another Year
Big Bang Theory
Who's coming to dinner?
Ever find yourself having to throw a big party on a small budget? You may want to consider visiting ethnic neighbourhoods for party favours at favourable cost. Our Chinese-themed birthday party was very elaborate, yet I spent very little. Chinese paper lanterns tied with raffia and bear grass or palm leaves cost next to nothing and I can someday re-use them to spruce up my place.

Vibrant oriental fans and a tablecloth made from silk remnants enhance the already exotic look. Unique and inexpensive china pieces left money for accessories such as dipping bowls, soy sauce containers, tea cups, chopsticks and even chopstick rests! How about sandalwood fans and fortune cookies?

Oriental flower arrangements are simple, meaning fewer flowers. All you need are half a dozen spotted orchids in a glass vase. Break off a few of the petals and place them on a tray with heated face towels. A little imagination and even less money goes a long way in making an event memorable!